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In Black and White

“This is the best sounding cajon I've ever played! It has giant bass tone and the snare pop on it is amazing! Mothertone USA you guys got it going on!"  

Russ Garner

“Maybe this is how they play drums in the future."  

A youngin' overheard talking to his dad while looking at Roy 'Futureman' Wooten's Custom designed and built in Nashville upright bass drum f holes set. - as featured in Modern Drummer magazine

“Deals and endorseeships

are nice. But the best drum sound is the best. These drums make you sound your best."  

Colin Cameron

“Thanks big time to Michael Turner and Mothertone for designing some amazing cajons.... If you think you have heard the best cajons.... Think again!! Can't wait for everyone to hear and play these!!"

Rick Brady

“I had banged on drums made of cardboard

boxes for ages.


Then  I finally got my first real drumkit. That’s the same feeling you will have when you get these drums"

Darryl Bowers

“Simply the best sounding drums - ever."  

Robbie France - Skunk Anansie

“When you can track an Americana project on Monday, a pop/country project on Tuesday and a heavy metal project on wednesday using the same drum kit, and it sounds f'ing great every time, those are some special drums!"

David Albro - Capricorn Studio, Nashville.

“Mothertone is so particular about any product they get with. What an awesome way to do business."  

Kate Hathaway

“If you bring the

other kit you’re out

of the band."  

The Spankers

“Great Drums, great company, it's that simple."

Nate Mould


“Why wouldn’t you want to sound your best?"



Darren Skewes


“The drums are fantastic!! I love them. The bass drum has great punch. Thank you again."  

Liz Ficalora

“My son has worn both of his Mothertone tee shirts out. He's a big fan"

Sue B.  CA

“Round, crisp, true, revolutionary! I am converted."  

Roger Taylor - Queen

"Test driving one of  Michael Turner's new cajons last night at 'The Tent' (Omega Labs Studio). The Mothertone cajon line is just incredible!"  

Kayleigh Moyer

“Absolutely Amazing! I've never heard a kit through mics that sounds like a sample pack. Our sound guy usually uses samples for kick and snare and he said there's no need. It sounds beyond amazing as it is"  

Billy Nally

“Hand built, custom made, with design that everyone else wishes they’d thought of.

You won’t find any better."  

Ian Buchanan

“Tuning is so easy.

I can get the

sound I want quickly. That’s the sort of kit I want and need."  

Andrew Robinson

Even before these drums had the years of refining to be where they are now, the original idea was totally valid."  

Michael Turner

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