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About Mothertone

Founded by Australian Michael Turner, with help from his pal, Lee Griffin. The two ventured to Nashville, Tennessee USA with a plan of doing all sorts of good things within the music industry.

This unique company started out specializing in exceptional musical instruments, particularly Drum and Percussion products built for artists who wanted something beyond the usual.

From there, a whole lot of great things happened, as intended.


We create new products and instruments, we educate, we put on events including the Mother Of All Hangs, we support artists, we record albums..... we still build amazing drum and percussion equipment.... and we have a lot of fun along the way.


Mothertone is driven by individuals who are thinkers and designers.... people who are not content unless they are constantly improving and innovating. This keeps Mothertone moving forward and pushing boundaries, creating ideas for the greater good of music and musicians."


"We're not here to compete with the mass production scene.... we're here to do much cooler things than that."

Years of playing instruments, loving being part of the world wide music industry with all it's different sides and twists, combined with an obsession of making better anything we didn't love enough about "the usual" equipment.... equals the Mothertone drive to change things.

Custom Drum Projects


Mothertone loves cool custom drum designing and building projects. Whether it be Full Drum Sets, Cajons, Percussion Boxes, accessories or maybe even some other idea you have. Talk with us about it.

Check out five times GRAMMY winner Roy “Futureman” Wooten’s set of drums as featured in Modern Drummer Magazine for example.

Mentoring and Classes


Mothertone offers group mentoring / guest speaking with classes, or one on one mentoring.


A wealth of experience can be provided by Mothertone staff and/or our Artists. It's great for musicians, and the music industry associated.

Contact Mothertone for more information.

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"Mother Of All Hangs"
Always featuring an amazing line up of Artists and proud Sponsors.
The MOTHER OF ALL HANGS is an incredible live music event run by Mothertone. The MOAH's has historically been held annually over three days/nights in Nashville Tennessee co-inciding with SummerNAMM.
The MOAH's has featured a vast amount of amazing artists over the years, each year having GRAMMY Winners and other 'A' list artists in the line up.

Guitar Library

With access to wonderful collections of vintage and unique instruments, Mothertone finds rare and special instruments for artists or special pieces to make that studio recording or film right.

We are very proud to have supplied many of the genuine vintage instruments for authenticity in Baz Luhrmann's ELVIS movie.


Mothertone has also placed historic instruments into museums.

We also love to help artists find their sound even if it's simply by placing an inspirational instrument in their hands for writing a new song. 

Drums - Like no other

Our latest Mothertone Drums are the pinnacle of drum design and function. Amazing qualities not found in any other drum brand. The combination of exceptional build quality and materials with our very unique design equals tones, sounds and musical expression that you have not heard from drums before. "Different, awesome different" "Ground breaking" are comments we've had.

Handmade Cajons and Percussion Boxes.

Mothertone hand builds high end Cajons and Percussion Boxes in Nashville TN that will make you re-think how you could use these instruments…. as we did when we designed them.

The Sleishman Connection and History

Founder of Mothertone, Michael Turner met the Founder of Sleishman Drums, Don Sleishman over 25 years ago while Michael was on tour with a band in Sydney, Australia. Beyond their common passion for drums and seeking out the ultimate in drum tones, both Michael and Don also had mechanical engineering related backgrounds - the two connected immediately on many levels.


Fast forward 20 years….


Having then been a product demonstrator, a technical advisor/representative and there through all the years of refining an already excellent drum design, Michael’s knowledge of Sleishman Drums is extensive.


When it came to launching Sleishman Drums in the USA, Michael Turner with Mothertone was the obvious choice to help out.


Mothertone went on to set up the assembly and QA checks of all Sleishman products prior to their sale/distribution in North America.


"Absolutely Amazing! I've never heard a kit through mics that sounds like a sample pack. Our sound guy usually uses samples for kick and snare and he said there's no need. It sounds beyond amazing as it is."  ​

—  Billy Nally - The Wrecks

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