"In the usual form of Mothertone, they do something unusual."

This is definitely not a money thing, it's a love of amazing instruments thing.

Some people who know us personally may also know that the owner of Mothertone happens to have a fairly wonderful private guitar collection.

It's important to us that wonderful musical instruments (especially vintage gems) actually get played. We keep them able to head out with carefully chosen artists to inspire recording sessions or writing.

"Even if artists already own great instruments, that doesn't mean they own or have available all the sounds they need for inspiration, writing and recording."

So we open up this exciting guitar collection for our friends to help them find and achieve the sounds/tones they're looking for when creating or recording.

So whether it be an 1800's Martin Parlor guitar, the sound of an old Gibson LP with mini humbuckers, a 40's Gibson J45, a 60's tele, a full of mojo 1930's jazz box, or something just cool, quirky and different sounding..... Mothertone is excited to be a part of an artists journey. We find ourselves helping out very seasoned professionals, and educating some youngin's along the way regarding truly great tones.


Some instruments also come our way needing minor or even major restoration/work to bring them back to their glory days.... we love these back to life and there is nothing like hearing a vintage gem sing again!


Just a few examples.


Cody Brooks.


The great Cody Brooks playing a mid 1800's Martin Guitar from the collection. It's a gem of an instrument that was on a wagon train in the 1870's from New York to South Dakota in the free land grants era. With solid Brazilian Rosewood back and sides and an incredible spruce top. It still resides in it's original case. Hand made by the original CF Martin himself.

Larry scenestr_edited.jpg

Larry Mitchell.

Larry Mitchell is a Grammy award-winning producer, engineer and performer who has toured the world playing guitar with well-known artists including Tracy Chapman, Billy Squier, Ric Ocasek and Miguel Bosé. He is also a featured artist at the Steve Vai Academy. In his original compositions, Larry skillfully weaves guitar textures that showcase his virtuosity as a solo artist and ensemble player.

Larry has used several Mothertone Guitar Library guitars on his album recordings and also live at Mothertone's Mother Of All Hangs in Nashville..... and during his recent Australian tour.


Alex Tomlins.

Mothertone has had connection with Australian guitarist Alex Tomlins for quite some time. Alex has had the pleasure of accessing our USA and Australian collection on occasions.


Originally an Australian guitarist, Alex has now moved to Nashville on a permanent basis and is utilizing his Guitar Library access. Whether it be for recording sessions, a special performance, all sorts of tones are waiting to inspire and impress.

"Being a musician who travels and plays internationally, particularly between the US and Australia, I simply cannot have all my desired gear everywhere.... so this library access means that all sorts of tones are at my disposal through variations of guitars and amps whether it be for recording sessions or inspiration when writing. Mothertone has amazing gear when I need it.... in both of my main work in countries!!"



Hathaways are a great fun but also complex and interesting group. 

Headed up by Illinois siblings Kate & James Hathaway, with blended influences from Indie, Peruvian and African styles, Hathaways are currently running as a five piece band who are busy working on new releases. 


They're certainly not a group who will settle for all the standard sounds.... yet they still find a way to make it all catchy, relatable and exciting. A very special group of highly talented artists. These guys have used plenty of different inspirations of percussion, guitars and amps from the collection.


Check out the Wildertent Sessions. Lots of nice flavours for you there.