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Mothertone Cajon

Mothertone Cajon


This one has sold but we will hand build you one right here in Nashville TN. Expertly hand built in Nashville TN USA with our Patent Pending design. Superior to and unlike any other cajon. These are actually great instruments for writing, recording and live work.

Although you can easily tell a Mothertone Cajon from their overall Patent Pending design, no two are ever identical. All are tweaked both sonically and visually to individual perfection. And every cajon has a hand upholstered pillow seat for sound isolation and awesome comfort.

These record incredibly in the studio and look amazing on stage, on the big screen or in music videos.

This one shown was made from highly resonant Brazilian Parana wood and then hand burned, sanded and then stained in an warm cherry/orange. Complete with a crazily comfy hand upholstered seat.

It has two playing sides.One side has a snare and pops combined with a huge bass note. The other side is more conga like percussion with no snare... but all surfaces on this cajon are alive. The youtube video is recorded with only the phone microphone. Sure you can hit these cajons hard but these cajons also work beautifully with the lightest touch.

Our Cajons can be mic'd simply with a single mic on either of the side sound holes, or you can mic out front and also under with a PZM style microphone near the underside bass port additionally if desired. All will give you different great results.

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