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It is our absolute pleasure to have these wonderful and talented artists enjoying the great products we have available.
Check back here often as we change around our Featured Artists and/or what they're up to....
We support each other.....

Featured Artists

Roy "Futureman" Wooten


Roy 'Futureman' Wooten is a super creative, five-time Grammy® award winning artist who always pushes the boundaries - and he is really digging his Sleishman drums.


On top of the superior tone produced by the Sleishman system - he's also loving his new 'customised by Mothertone' inverted Sleishman bass drum set-up. This set-up truly allows Roy to really express himself for the first time - he's finding sounds on his drums never before thought possible, using not just rods or sticks but also fingers and hands.


It doesn't matter if he's playing funk or jazz, rock or fusion, with a 30 piece orchestra or creating a film soundtrack - Roy is using his Sleishman Pro Series drums for it all - and we couldn't be prouder.


It's a pleasure to work with you, Roy Wooten.


Roy "Futureman" Wooten performed at The Mother Of All Hangs 1 & 2

Maury Baker - Drumming Legend


Maury is a life-long musician who comes from a showbiz family and Maury has done it all in all genres of music.


He played Woodstock in ’69 with Janis Joplin.


He has also played and/or recorded with Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Carlos Santana, Tim Buckley, Ars Nova, Steve Stills, Van Morrison, Johnny and Edgar Winter, Trini Lopez, Jackson Browne, George Duke, Big Brother & The Holding Company, Booker T, Seals & Croft, Judy Collins, Phil Ochs, R. B. Greaves, Tom Paxton, Bobbie Gentry, David Benoit, Theodore Bikel, Zoot Money, Dr. John, Scott LaFaro, Pepper Adams, David Amram, Lee Michaels, Miroslav Vitous, Henry Franklin, Theo Saunders, Nick Mancini, Jimmy Haslip, Michael Saucier, Otmaro Ruiz, Leslie King, Barbara Morrison, Leddie Garcia, The Black Watch and Russian Folk Orchestra - and the list goes on and on.


He lives in Hollywood and composes music for film, TV, video games, and the Internet. His music can be heard on national promos for CBS including JAG, Nash Bridges, Dr. Quinn, - Medicine Woman, Walker, - Texas Ranger, the soundtrack used by the award winning Russ Saunders Electric on the 1995 Emmy Awards show, and the score to an Aikido documentary that received rave reviews in the Los Angeles Times and again - the list goes on.


Maury’s experience and knowledge of music and drums is clearly very extensive in so many styles and situations.


Yes, Maury truly has done it all. And after all that his conclusion is “Sleishman drums are the best drums I’ve come across”


Maury is busy playing in the LA scene on various cool projects so check him out. Mothertone and Sleishman Drums are proud to be associated with you and to have you on board Maury.


Louis "Flip" Winfield


Louis Winfield is a sensational drummer who sure puts on a show.


Yes Louis is a super tight and funky groovin' drummer, but on top of that, this man's playing is visually impressive. Sticks spin, and the solo bursts rip it up while still laying it down solid in the pocket. It’s great to see an artist who gets the balance and knows when to hit it.


Don't miss the chance to see Louis Winfield play live. Louis has played with a huge list of great artists both live and consistently on recordings, including several number one recordings.


It's not hard to tell that Louis has played all his life and is a pro. Louis is now also working on his own projects, writing and producing his own material laid solidly on his strong and extensive experience.


Lay them fat beats Louis Winfield!


Louis Winfield performed at The Mother Of All Hangs 2

Russ Garner


Russ Garner is a very tasty drummer. Russ has always been super busy and only gets busier. Having done several tours with Grammy® award winner Larry Mitchell in the Larry Mitchell Band, plus working with the Grant Garland Trio, plus recording on a bunch of other peoples albums. There's certainly no shortage of things happening on this in demand drummer's calendar.


Russ studied at the very famous Berklee College of Music and now records and tours and records and tours and records and tours some more on both of  his Sleishman Pro Series Fusion and Bop size drum sets.


Make sure you check out where you can hear Russ playing his Sleishman drums live all over the United States - he gives a heck of a product demonstration.


Russ Garner performed at The Mother Of All Hangs 1 & 2

Doug Tann

Session Drummer/Musical Director


Doug has been a professional drummer for over 40years. He has had an extensive playing career and we barely know where to start telling you about it all.


Doug is highly regarded as a player and also for his technical skills. He has also written drum books that are well beyond the mind of many.


Doug has performed and recorded with Stanley Clarke, Regina Carter, Della Reese, Dean Martin, The BBC Radio Orchestra, The S.I.R Hollywood Big Band plus many more and has headlined in Las Vegas as both a Musical Director and Drummer.

Johnny DeGood


The Revolutioners


Here at Mothertone, have known Johnny a while now. Sure Johnny is a new Mothertone artist, but he is certainly not new to us or to drumming.


Eighteen years of hard work shows and is paying off for him.


He plays many genres of music but is mainly focused on the heavier stuff.


Originally from Southern California, Johnny is now the engine power in

The Revolutioners out of Arkansas.


Johnny has already toured the United States... and plans to “Tour the World!”

Mickl Sayers


The Screaming Jets

Playing drums in a band like The Screaming Jets is not a job for a lightweight. When their music moves right up to its heady heights of rock’n’roll craziness you need to be able to play like you’re firing mortar shells from a tree line. Powerful Drumming here.

Adz McCann


The Viper Creek Band/Session

Adz is the solid, thick drum sound behind Australia’s modern country rock act The Viper Creek Band. Adz has been playing professionally since the age of 13 having attended The Hunter School Of The Performing Arts. He has toured both nationally and internationally.

Kayleigh Moyer


Kayleigh Moyer is a wonderful and versatile young artist who we are very proud to support and have working with us. Kayleigh has been standing out from the rest and winning awards since very early on in her drumming career. We picked Kayleigh up as a Mothertone artist when she still had quite a way to go studying Commercial music at Belmont University Nashville and it has proven to be a good decision. 

Kayleigh has excellent, well-rounded skills in many styles of music including Jazz, Country, Rock, Pop, Latin and Classical - all of which she executes with a maturity seemingly beyond her years. Add to this an excellent, committed work ethic and beautiful vocals - whether in the studio or live performance, Kayleigh does the job ‘right’, which is something we always look for in an artist.

Early on, we decided to feature Kayleigh as a performer at the 2014 Nashville Drum Show and at our NAMM Shows, and after fantastic feedback from impressed audiences, we confirmed again and again that we chose well with her. 


  • Currently touring all over the world with Barrage 8 since 2015.

  • Played for Keith Urban on CMT Artists of the year awards Dec 2014

  • Performed at The Mother Of All Hangs 1, 2 & 3 with multiple amazing artists.

  • Featured Drum Set Performer at the 2014 Nashville Drum Show

  • Live Recording at the Grand Ole Opry, Drum Set for the duet, The Khromatiks

  • Session work for country, rock, pop, jazz and Latin music genres at Ocean Way, Blackbird, Sound Emporium, RCA Studio B, Quonset Hut, Benchmark Sound, and onstage at the Grand Ole Opry.

  • Performances with the Nashville Philharmonic (Percussion)

  • And many more.

Use the below links to see more of Kayleigh Moyer on drums"

Lejoe B Young - Travis Tritt


Lejoe is not only the backbone behind five time Platinum selling artist, Travis Tritt, he is also the man behind BoomChik  - a highly-specialised, studio drum track recording facility in Knoxville TN. Here Lejoe performs & records professional quality drum tracks which are then sent to studios around the globe. Lejoe is a long term professional drummer who really knows his stuff and the music industry.


As both the producer and the player at BoomChik, Lejoe has developed a finely tuned ear for what he expects, and a certain standard to deliver his clients. Enter the Mothertone and Sleishman Drums relationship.


Lejoe's love affair with Sleishman Drums began the moment he put a mic on a kit in his studio. He immediately took delivery of a Pro Series drum set.


Lejoe is now heading out again with his trusted Sleishman drum set for another year of touring with Travis Tritt.


Congratulations Lejoe on a continuing great career and thank you for the friendship.

Chad Ray Crochet


Chad Ray Crochet certainly separates himself from the rest of the country music industry by being the only singing drummer to ever take lead vocals in Nashville.


Chad’s unique performances have caught the eyes of thousands of fans around the country. His sound, along with his straightforward attitude and modern-country style make him unforgettable.


Chad’s style of music is rooted deep in the Texas honkytonks and bars, while at the same time has the energy of a Cajun music festival.


Chad was sharing stages with country music legends such as Johnny Rodriguez and Ray Price right out of high school and since his move to Nashville in 2004, Chad has played the Grand Ole Opry and travelled extensively throughout the United States. He has now shared the stage with the likes of Joe Nichols, Craig Morgan, Gary Allan, Taylor Swift, and many others. In 2009 alone, Chad performed in front of more than 400,000 people, not including his network television debut on Fine Living Network (FLN).


In 2010, Chad decided to focus on his dream of being the first lead singing drummer in country music history. His very first show of this type was at The Stage, a historical club on Broadway. Many people who move to Nashville work for years to get the opportunity to perform here, but with Chad’s confidence, charisma and established relationships, all it took for him to play here was to simply walk in and ask.


Chad’s passions of singing, playing drums and writing music show strongly in his performances and it is evident that this is his calling. He understands the hard work and determination it will take to blaze his own path since he is not the conventional country artist. But Chad will do it.


Chad definitely breaks the mold, and anyone who has the chance to see Chad Ray Crochet perform will agree that it is an unforgettable experience. Well done Chad.


Chad Ray Crochet performed at The Mother Of All Hangs 2

Bill Demkov


Bill is a gifted performing arts and musical production all rounder with great understanding all across his chosen career of making and capturing music. He is a highly regarded producer, studio and live sound engineer, but he is also an active playing musician specializing as a bass player. So Bill understands it from all angles.


Bill already has one of our Sleishman drum sets and a Mothertone Cajon simply because his perfectionist nature lead him to want to utilise them whenever possible during recording or live projects. As he says “Great musical instruments make the final result superior and my life much easier”. Here at Mothertone, we have decided to go outside of the usual box and make Bill one of our artists because we love his passion for our product and we truly love the great projects he gets into….. no matter who does the actual instrument playing.


Bill has recorded/edited/mixed/mastered/produced an album which was a Grammy finalist in the following categories; Album of the year, Best Small Ensemble Performance, and Best Classical Instrument Solo.!recordings/cjg9

He has been on every type of project from Classical to hard rock to jazz, and in every capacity from recording/producing to live mixing, and/or instrument playing.


Another impressive thing about Bill is how he is constantly seeking to find the best and greatest equipment, innovation and technology to do amazing things with, yet balancing it with never forgetting the strong roots he has in years of music history. He is at the forefront by recording using emerging technologies such as Emm Labs High Resolution Sonoma Sound System, Pyramix, Royer Labs, and Tectonic Audio and of course our Mothertone products.


And just to top it off, Bill also works as an instructional host teacher at some of the best music and recording academies and universities in America.

Great work Bill, your no compromise approach is refreshing and exciting. Welcome aboard the Mothertone Starship.

Jeff Coffin (Dave Matthews Band, Mu’tet, and Bela Fleck and the Flecktones) and Roy “FutureMan” Wooten (Mu’tet, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones) Recorded and produced by Bill Demkov.

(Futureman playing Sleishman-Mothertone drums)!recordings/cjg9

Grammy finalist album Recorded/edited/mixed/mastered/produced by Bill Demkov

RecTerry Brown of CU Bands and Fans talks with Bill Demkov, live sound engineer, recording engineer, producer, original artist and musician.



Bill performed at and ran sound for The Mother Of All Hangs 1 & 2

Kharon Harrison


Sherry Gordy Presents: Las Vegas

Kharon is currently living in the Las Vegas and drums up a storm weekly on  show ‘Sherry Gordy Presents’. Sherry Gordy is the daughter of Motown founder Berry Gordy and each week on the show, Kharon is backing the biggest names in the business. George Duke, Jackie McLean, Sheila E.,Gerald Wilson, Dizzy Gillespie, Ella Fitzgerald, Herbie Handcock, Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg just to name a few!!

Billy Nally


The Wrecks


Los Angeles based drummer Billy Nally can be seen with Alt-Rock band The Wrecks. From 7 million streams online to international tours with bands such as All Time Low and Nothing But Thieves. Billy says The Wrecks powerful but defined sound wouldn't be complete without the wonderful Sleishman Drums in the studio and on stage.

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